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Family Friendly IPT Summer Series - Round 4


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Wednesday 4th September | Sign on 4.30pm | Start 6pm



Routes:       Classes:

Beginner – Adult / Youth / Over 50’s route

Clubman – Adult / Youth / Over 50’s route

Hard          – Adult – / Youth / Over 50’s route

Under 10’s Youth Electric Conducted Course Easy/Hard

£20 ages 4-16| £30 adults


What to expect:

On arrival at Inch Perfect Trials reception, there’ll be music playing, a great welcoming atmosphere, you’ll sign on and get given your riding number.

IPT kitchen will be open for you to get your refreshments down by the trials park.

Riders will be split into groups (off rider number to start at each section to reduce queuing).

Each section will be observed, a lot of the observers will be our instructors, so they can give you some tips and encouragement.

They’ll be a rider briefing at the start of the trial to ensure every rider knows which section they’re starting at and where to go etc.

Beginner course:

Suitable for those who have recently started trials, you may have been on an experience day and then bought yourself a trials bike. Don’t think that you’re not good enough for competitions yet, this course is for you… the sections will be marked out with tape, so if you’re on the beginners course then you just need to ride between the tapes, any turns will be nice and wide and your sections will be very flowing with little obstacles (such as small rocks in a river) where your bike will effortlessly ride over them with no body effort.

Clubman course:

As it says in the name this is suitable for clubman riders, who’ve been riding for a while or got to a good level pretty fast, clubman course will be in between the tape and then blue and red flags (blue on the left, red on the right), where there isn’t any flags then it’s just in between the tapes. Expect a few more tighter turns and small obstacles (logs, rocks in stream, wooden obstacles and smaller rocks in trials park all of which your bike will roll over with little to no body effort.

Hard course:

Suitable for riders who ride at a good level, expect more rock steps and obstacles to ride over which will require double blip technique, tighter turns which may include a bit of bouncing to make the turn.

Under 10’s Youth Electric Conducted Course (age 4+): This will be a separate course completely, with 6 sections, all taped out with one observer who will go round each of the 6 sections with all the children, each rider doing all of the same section before all riders move onto section 2 together. The observer will be there to assist if needed and really encourage the young riders to give them confidence, they’ll all walk the section together with the observer who will be one of our instructors pointing out the line to help them.

Easy – Suitable for those with smaller wheels 12.5” and 16” or bigger bikes too; 20” if the rider is new to trials and isn’t very confident.

Hard – Suitable for those with better ability and/or bigger wheels: 20” & 24”, ultimately it comes down to rider confidence and ability.

For some children who may well be younger than 10 years old but are more experienced and confident, and especially if they have bigger wheels; 24” and above the main easy course will be suitable.

At Inch Perfect Trials, we’ve got a good variety of all terrains: rivers, streams, bankings, hill climbs, and Trials Park with rocks and wooden obstacles, all sections will be set appropriately for each course, and we’ll have a roaming marshal if you have any questions and to will you on.

At the end of trial Inch Perfect Kitchen will be open to get some refreshments or if you didn’t have it earlier. The shop will also be open for anything you need; parts, clothing or bikes.

There will be a prize presentation for the top 3 places in each class of each route:

Beginner Route:

Youth | Adult |Over 50’s

Clubman Route:

Youth | Adult |Over 50’s

 Hard Route:  

Youth |Adult | Over 50’s


Under 10’s Youth Electric Conducted Course:

Easy | Hard

If all this sounds great, but you haven’t purchased a bike yet, then there will be a limited number of EM Epure Race bikes available to hire, this will be for 1 round only. Designed for riders who have attended an experience day in the past and are fancying getting into trials. This will allow you to ride a trial competition and see if you enjoy it before you then buy a bike (you may even be able to buy the bike you rode on the night!)

Bike hire: £125 which includes compulsory damage waiver (to cover any accidental damage to the bike)


We recommend you get your entries in early as there will be a rider limit, good luck and we look forward to seeing you!