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Are you a road biker and want to try trials? Or have you ridden off-road before and want to try trials? You're in the right place! Our 'Level 1 & 2' experience days are suitable for riders who have ridden on the road or track before, as well as off-road.

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In order  for you to get maximum enjoyment from your day, you need to accurately choose your ability level.  Motorcycle trials is a completely different skill to all other forms of motorcycling.  We have found that experience of other motorcycle disciplines does not automatically transfer into trials riding ability.

This Level 1: Beginners experience day is suitable for riders who have previously ridden on the road and have no trials riding experience.  This level will introduce you to the basics of riding a motorcycle trials bike.

Also, our Level 2: Beginners experience is suitable for riders who have previously ridden off-road, but have no trials riding experience.  This level will introduce you to the basics of riding a motorcycle trials bike.

A typical days runs 9.30am-2.30pm with an hours lunch break.  Bike hire and riding gear (boots, helmet, gloves, trials pants and a jersey*) are included, as well as full tuition and a hot homemade lunch.

Ride the latest technology with a choice of 2 full sized adults electric bikes – one has a clutch the same as a petrol bike and the other has a PRB (Progressive Regenerative Brake) which is best suited to those with a mountain biking background.

Beginners will usually start on electric bikes unless you have ridden a motorcycle offroad with a clutch before – you will then have a choice of electric or petrol bike.  Petrol wise, we have Beta Evo and Montesa Cota bikes to choose from.  Not ridden a bike with a clutch before? We ask that you complete a day on the electric bikes first, then come back to ride petrol once the foundations have been established.

Training will start off on flattish ground doing ‘figures of 8’ to get you used to the bike.  Your instructor will teach the very basics of bike control and get you comfortable on the bike before gradually progressing onto ‘sections’.  Sections are essentially obstacles which your instructor will mark out using coloured flags.  As the day progresses, so will your skills!  Each day is tailored dynamically to the ability of the group.


(*the available trials clothing is up to a maximum size of: Jersey :46″ chest, Pants: 40″ waist, Boots: EU50 and Helmet: 63cm circumference).

A brilliant day!

Myself and my 14 year old son attended the beginners experience day recently. We're both competent mountain bikers but had almost no experience of riding a motorbike. I had concerns initially that it may be a little 'tame' - how wrong I was! The instructor was great and did her absolute best to make sure everyone in the group had a good time and was challenged, despite a wide range in abilities. The bikes were amazing - I was on a petrol and my son on one of the e-bikes, both of which had more than enough power for us. The set up and location is fantastic and we'd both love to return.

– FW1979 | TripAdvisor
10/10 can't wait to go back again

What an amazing experience day with great instructors. Can't wait to book again to go back. Inch perfect have a really good setup with clean facilities and top quality bikes. The lunch provided was excellent and a great portion size. The instructors are very knowledgeable and really know their stuff. Really tempted to buy a bike now....

– C-Brids | TripAdvisor
Great fun & Great Instructors!

Spent the day 27th June 2021 at Inch Perfect Trials with my 15 & 19 year old sons, and what a day it was! With virtually no motorcycle experience and great instructors we were soon getting comfortable with the trials bikes and beautiful surroundings to practice in. It was a really well organised day and one we will all remember, can’t wait to return for another session!

– Nige897 | TripAdvisor
Great days training at inch perfect

Brilliant day’s tuition at inch perfect. The trainer Andrew Reeves was really good. The day started with Andrews beaming enthusiasm and it continued all day. Great explanations of the task, this was always followed up with feedback showing and telling us how to develop the skills and put them in to practice As a professional instructor myself it was great to see someone using teaching methodology and putting it into practice. It made my day into a really good day. I felt inspired and wanted to change when it was suggested A really successful day and I definitely have the bits to take away with me and I will put them into practice A big thank you to Andrew for the tuition, Charlotte for the admin, Jill for the excellent food and everyone else involved in making inch perfect work. Definitely worth the effort and cost to get there. Highly recommend for all

– K4681AAdavidy | TripAdvisor
One of the best bike days we've had

6 of us attended a beginner's experience day on Sunday and without doubt, it was one of the best days on a bike that we've ever had. All experienced bikers but with no trials experience, and all of us improved steadily throughout the day due to the fantastic instruction and varied terrain. Thanks to Rob and the two Paul's for a fabulous day. This place is a real gem and I know we'll be back before long! We also got some random chap from Yorkshire to pose for a photo with us! :D

– mattworthington | TripAdvisor